AnHOUR Platform

Covering every portion of the hire, onboard, upskill, and retain (HOUR) employee lifecycle, our proprietary role-based platform finds and fills the delta between what each user knows today and what they need to know to succeed at their job.  

Internal Certification 

Administrators assign employees a series of goals to work on. Upon completion of those goal-based learning paths, users are certified by their company to perform tasks, work on specific projects, or move into a new role. 

Real-Time Answers 

Certified employees can leverage the closed-loop AI bot to answer natural language questions on just the company content and workflows that they have access to. Unlike other chatbots, data in this environment is guaranteed to be completely secure and completely relevant to each employee’s job.  

Robust Analytics 

Our analytics help administrators spot trends, identify knowledge gaps, and determine the best candidates for projects and promotions.  

What makes us different?

Unlike other learning platforms on the market, AnHOUR prioritizes:  

Doing over learning 

Competency over box-checking 

Skill acquisition over time spent learning 

Analytics over reporting  

Imagine the impact we could have on your business