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From food trucks to Fortune 500s, every business struggles to manage risk and maximize reward. Atteria builds a unique solution to scale your business while limiting costs and improving customer and employee experiences.

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What We Do

Unlock your data

Leave your information where it is. We effortlessly connect silos to find patterns across your organization. Now you can course-correct before you would have even known that trouble was brewing. And it’s all done conversationally.

Empower knowing

The act of learning doesn’t make you more capable. Instead, you need to know the answer in real-time so you can act confidently and decisively.

Prioritize security

When looking at AI, Enterprises are stuck between fear of the unknown and fear of missing out. With role-based security and offline language models, we give you all the rewards without the risk.

What We Offer

Enterprise Language Model

Information is power. But accessing and leveraging that power can be a challenge. ELM by Atteria gives every person in your organization unparalleled information superpowers.

Content Creation Services

We have reimagined content creation to make it truly better, faster, and cheaper. Starting with a map of your current content ecosystem, we make it easily discoverable, align it to roles and fill in any gaps.

Consulting Services

With our foundational content and AI expertise, we help you intelligently prepare for an AI-driven future.

How We Work

Start with a deep understanding of your organization and your needs

Build a scope for a custom solution for any size company or any budget

Implement the solution, monitor engagement, and gauge ROI

Who We Are

Deep experience

Over 20 years of experience in learning, technology innovation, and information hygiene combined with nearly 10 years of experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Purpose-built platforms

From certification platforms to conversational analytics generators and ELM interfaces, Atteria builds all of our technology in-house.

Robust infrastructure

A robust, high-reliability, cloud-agnostic infrastructure that can scale to meet the needs of any organization.

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