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Are We Doing It Wrong? It May Be Time to Rethink How We Implement AI

Keep Your Bots
Keep Your Tools
Keep Your Data Where It Is

We’ll Give You

Integrated Messaging

Conversational Analytics

Technology as powerful as AI requires a complete rethinking of how business tools work.

Unlike bolt-on chat bots and workflow builders, we don’t layer AI on top like an afterthought, we fundamentally integrate it into the entire structure to best capitalize on the power of the tech.

Our proprietary Enterprise Language Model (ELM) is the foundation that facilitates enterprise-wide AI capabilities without disrupting existing tech stacks. Data stays where it lives, and users ask all their questions in one place – no need to interact with multiple bots or applications.

Real-Time Answers

Hiring and Onboarding

Automated Insights

Project Management

How We Work

Start with an understanding of your organization and your needs

Build a scope for a custom solution for any size company or any budget

Implement the solution, monitor engagement, and gauge ROI

Who We Are

Deep experience

Over 20 years of experience in learning, technology innovation, and information hygiene combined with nearly 10 years of experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Purpose-built platforms

From certification platforms to conversational analytics generators and ELM interfaces, Atteria builds all of our technology in-house.

Robust infrastructure

A robust, high-reliability, cloud-agnostic infrastructure that can scale to meet the needs of any organization.

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