At our core, we are process people who continuously question, relish being proven wrong, and despise linear thinking. “We’ve always done it that way” is never an acceptable answer. We seek to destroy silos, create a single source of information, and prioritize doing over learning.

With the advent of LLMs, we have never been better positioned to disrupt the training industry. The quickest mathematicians in the world can process information at about 60 bits per second. Meanwhile, the fastest computers in the world process 64 billion bits per second. Computers are learning masters. Humans, comparably, are mere apprentices. Why wouldn’t we let computers do the learning for us?


Let’s leave learning for learning’s sake in the schools and books where it belongs. In the workplace, let’s train the computers, which are a BILLION times better at it than us, to learn what we need them to know, and then push that information seamlessly to the right person at the right time. The act of learning doesn’t make you a more capable worker. Knowing the answer and being able to act confidently and decisively does. That knowing is what Atteria empowers.

Our Team

Dave Micciche


Dave is a business powerhouse with nearly 35 years of business management, mergers and acquisitions, sales and sales management, marketing, and business analytics experience. Additionally, Dave has played a part in developing novel technologies and currently holds 4 patents with 1 more pending. He has been instrumental in expanding the domestic and international reach of several companies, most recently he has led 4D Technologies and their global CADLearning brand to a successful exit.

James Hancock


James is an elite Computer Software Architect with 29 years of experience building business, banking, government, and educational software. His expertise includes Epidemiology, Statistical Modeling, AI, machine learning, pattern recognition, and skills matching. To date, James has been named on 10 patents with 2 more patents pending.

Carlie Wagner


Carlie is an expert at identifying business opportunities and leveraging all available technology, content assets, and engagement strategies to provide high-performance solutions for each use case. With more than a decade in the customer experience and marketing spaces, she has worked with global companies across industries to create go-to-market strategies, determine KPIs, and provide the support partners need to grow sales and customers need to accelerate ROI.

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