Security and AI

There’s no question that AI makes workers better. One MIT study found that using an LLM improves productivity by an incredible 37%. Compare that to the computer, which many credit as the greatest productivity enhancer of all time, at just a mere 2.9% productivity boost.

On a team of 20, adding AI is like hiring 7 more people. What does that do for company’s output, for bottom lines, for worker health? This is far, far too valuable to an opportunity to ignore.

And companies get that. 97% of executives admit that AI will transform their company and industry.

Yet, most companies are failing to take advantage. A recent study found that 75% of companies have already banned or are implementing a ban on ChatGPT and other LLMs.

Why in the world is everybody banning the biggest opportunity for productivity growth in human history? The vast majority, (67%), cited security.

The security threat posed by AI is both external and internal.

Internally, how can companies be sure that employees and customers won’t access information they’re not entitled to view?

Externally, how do we protect trade secrets and customer information? How do we ensure that our proprietary information isn’t used to train an open source LLM?

We’ve already seen horror stories about source code, meeting transcripts, and data leaking via chat.

How do we prevent this?

With a completely secure closed-loop system based on your internal security roles. Now, no information can leave your site, and no employees can see information that they aren’t supposed to.

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