Your Enterprise Language Model

Information is power. But accessing and leveraging that power can be a challenge. ELM by Atteria gives every person in your organization unparalleled information superpowers.

Never answer a question twice

Whether in a meeting, in person, or on-site, instantly record new information and make it part of your company knowledge database. The next time the question comes up, the answer is readily available.

All the right information at their fingertips

With role-based security, each person gets answers on just the information that is relevant to their jobs. They see everything they should, and nothing more.

Go to where the data lives

You don’t need to comb through your documents or move all your data. Instead, add connectors that integrate the knowledge from each data source, no heavy lift and shift is required.

Information for the asking

Building a report is as easy as asking a question. Regardless of where the data lives, or how it is structured, our conversational analytics can get it to you without having to bother with Tableau, Power BI, or other complicated reporting tools again.

Experience Efficiency, Security, and Simplicity Like Never Before

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