From food trucks to Fortune 500s, every business struggles to manage risk and maximize reward. Atteria builds a unique solution to scale your business while limiting costs and improving customer and employee experiences.

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Scale without ballooning your bottom line

America’s secret sauce has always been productivity output. But today it’s declining at the fastest rate in 75 years. The only way for most enterprises to scale is by adding people, and this overhead is crushing businesses. This all means that it’s more difficult than ever to break through the wall to reach full business potential.  

Atteria is a force multiplier for businesses, providing smaller teams with more capabilities so you get off the ground faster while limiting burn rate.  

Now you can empower your people to be experts – not redundant task completers. 

Get top-to-bottom security

Using an off-the-shelf AI is just not an option for most businesses. Without proper security, it’s a ticking time bomb – it’s not a question of if data is going to be exposed, it’s a question of when.

But if done right, each person has their own completely secure natural language answers based on just the information they should have access to. You get complete regulatory compliance with unique information streams for customers, partners, vendors, and internal employees – all further divided by role and expertise.

Now you get natural language answers, in real time, while protecting privacy and security.

See real-time insights across all data sources

Businesses have so many sources of data today that it’s completely impossible for one person, or even a team of people, to understand. It’s simply too much to hold in your head. So insights go unrealized, valuable data is wasted, and potential deals fall through the cracks.  

People just can’t process all the information, but AI can.  

And not only can AI report on the data that you ask it for, but it can also make sense of that data and recognize patterns humans aren’t able to.  

You identify the tangibles that make an impact on your business and view those KPIs, then drill in by individual, team, office, geo, project, or market.  

Now you get real-time, automated insights and conversational analytics.  

Make people more productive

Every company has silos of information. From email, to messaging apps, to folders, and databases. No matter how hard you try to maintain consistency and structure, valuable institutional knowledge is lost every day. And, when somebody can’t find the answer, they either proceed without a clear plan or find somebody to ask, resulting in your most competent people losing the most time.  

Through our information hygiene services, we ensure all that information is captured and available to those who need it – so nothing falls through the cracks again.  

Now, when you have to answer a question, it’s captured in the system. It becomes a part of your digital knowledge ecosystem, and you never have to answer it again. 

Automate knowledge acquisition

58% of hiring managers said it was very or extremely challenging to find new hires with the correct skillsets. We simply can’t continue to rely on traditional education methods to fill this skills gap.  

It’s not just internal, your customers and partners need education, too. And the more self-serving, the faster the transactions become.  

Now, you can identify each person’s unique skills gap and automate knowledge acquisition for more precise onboarding, upskilling, promoting, and right-sizing.

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