Use Cases

Atteria experts have worked across a variety of industries to create custom learning and training solutions. Here are some examples.

A complete role-based training program

A major global manufacturer wanted to transform their learning program from a cost center to a revenue generator.

We worked with them to map their training to product groups, then to the roles that used those groups, both internally and externally. Once we had the full content map, we identified which groups to prioritize and started building out training content.

While the content team built the learning, our marketing and implementation teams worked to put a full content consumption, sales, and messaging program together.

Now, the manufacturer’s partners, vendors, and customers can use a credit card to purchase their training, turning a sales-intensive program into a passive income stream. Additionally, training metrics are higher than ever, they have more than doubled enrollment, their users are better educated and more proficient, and they are turning a profit on the offering.

Internal certification

Our certifications are built alongside experts in your organization, ensuring that they capture your company’s voice, process, and institutional knowledge.

In one recent example, a large field services organization contracted Atteria because they had to perform a firmware, software, and hardware update at 3,000 sites in 90 days using 600 third-party techs.

By working with the company’s documentation, interviewing their full-time techs, and traveling to their headquarters to document the process, we built a custom project-specific training solution and deployment strategy in just four weeks. Before a new tech was allowed on site, they were required to complete the custom certification program.

As a result of the engagement, the company was able to confidently deploy the third-party techs onsite, met their implementation targets, and had a fraction of the return merchandise authorizations (RMAs) that were anticipated.

Content digitization

An industry-based learning organization had been successfully selling textbooks and eBooks for years. However, after polling their user base, they discovered that traditional forms of learning weren’t resonating with their core audience – recent graduates.

The organization brought us in to take their existing resources and transform them for a digital-first audience. We worked with them to create short, impactful videos that significantly increased engagement and retention.

Localized learning program

A large global organization had a robust training program, but they struggled to extend the training to their non-English speaking offices. We worked with them to take their existing training, translate it into multiple languages, and arrange it so that their employees could simply pick the language they preferred for their training.

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