Conversational Analytics

Data hides in every corner of your organization. Instead of grappling with spreadsheets, databases, and dashboards, wouldn’t it be nice to simply ask—a question, a prompt, a curiosity. And like your personal data analyst, conversational analytics springs into action.

Instant Insights

Request a report, and voilà! Conversational analytics sifts through all the data, structured and unstructured, and extracts exactly what you need. Sales performance, marketing ROI, operational efficiency—it’s all there.

Natural Language Queries

Conversational analytics understands your language. Ask about revenue trends, customer behavior, or inventory levels—it comprehends context and intent.

Seamless Data Retrieval

Rather than combing through apps, just ask for a document, or a portion of a meeting, or a specific email, and you will have it.

Tailored Visualizations

Whether it’s charts, graphs, or heatmaps, your report materializes in seconds. No need to wait for the next batch process or scheduled update.

Empowering Everyone

Conversational analytics democratizes data. Executives, analysts, and frontline teams—all wield the same power to inquire and act.

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