Project Management

Let’s face it: no existing tool truly manages projects well.

Today’s automations swing between extremes:

Over-Automation: Projects become rigid and unusable.

Manual Overload: Team members juggle data entry like part-time jobs.

Insights Gap

But here’s the real kicker: tools lack the insights we crave. Stand-ups and retrospectives become necessary because data isn’t actively captured. We’re left guessing, rather than optimizing.

Business productivity tools shouldn’t segment or confine. Instead, they should illuminate each person’s role within the bigger picture. How their work directly impacts company outcomes and team goals.

We are transforming project management from a struggle into a strategic advantage with a conversational productivity tool that:

  • Surfaces information by role. No more silos—everyone sees the full process lifecycle.
  • Delivers just-in-time insights. Automatic, real-time information engagement.

Flexibility and Automation

Project managers wield full flexibility to create workflows of their dreams. And our intelligent automation—from project inception to real-time updates—keeps everything moving seamlessly.

Analytics on Demand

Ask, and you shall receive. Natural language queries reveal potential blockers, employee productivity, and quick status updates. Real-time insights flow continuously, eliminating inbox clutter.

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